First 6 hour session of done aaa~nd... 2 PC deaths already. This campaign is brutal (as it should be, we're talking Ravenloft here). Of course, death is never the end in Barovia...

Love the roleplaying opportunity with Strahd. Dear lord, he's such a bastard. Can't wait to creep the hell out of my players. 😈

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Are you interested in Cyberpunk 2020 (and other cyberpunk related RPG)?
I have a few magazines, source books and extensions for ya!

Just DM me... ;)

I love how the combat in manages to really delve into its systems.

At first you feel empowered by the idea of boosting the amount of attacks or the firepower of your spells. Yet, after 12 hours it becomes a puzzle in how to not get wiped and how to crack the defenses of some horribly overpowered enemy.

It also helps that each character is sufficiently specialized, allowing you to experiment with party setups. So much more going on than the reviews implied.

"What did you do today?"
"-Oh you know, literally stole candy from a kid."

They've not exactly stayed true to their July release date, but YES! Finally the Monster Cards have been released!

This will cut down on sooo much preparations for sessions! :D

@slackz Try to get your hands on this:

Nothing but people from a medieval world marvelling at Japanese food. Feel good all over. :) Enjoy and hang in there! 🙌

Almost a year later, my two parties are reaching the conclusion of haphazardly following a dragon cult across the Sword Coast in “Hoard of the Dragon Queen”.

And conclusions usually have consequences. So tonight I spent some time peering into the mists of the future. And they show dragons. And politics. And lots of stuff I can’t yet talk about.

“Season 2” is going to be awesome. 🖐🐲

At the office listening to the voice actors we’ve cast for the Dutch version of . Love how Peppy turned out. :D Dylan Haegens is surprisingly fitting as Levi. :)

Adding some custom 'Muk icons as well, because why not.

:huh: :ph34r: :wub:

@BerendJan So... thought of a starting class already? :P

Had a great session with the "Town & Gown" playset in .

College sports bribery, match fixing, the Chinese mafia, romantic affairs with a janitor, a bloody litter spike pole, and plenty of alcohol, made for a "fun" comedy to act out with friends. We may never look the same way at jerseys though...

Highly recommended if you favour roleplaying over combat dice rolling. :)

It’s the end of September and here I am suffering from hayfever. This feels wrong.

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